Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"it was hard & I cried"

So yesterday, my stomach was on fire b/c I was trying out level 2 training grp for the first time. The above quotation is what I told SuperC about my experiences.

In level 1, which I began in mid June, we did 12 exercises spread out through the hour with plenty of breaks in between. Level 2, not so much. It is high intensity interval training with me going through 12 sets of exercises a minimum of 2x, ideally 3.

It was hard. I cried. My body didn't do what I wanted it to do. I thought I was stronger than I was. I thought I was fitter than I was. I wasn't and I am not. Luckily, the trainer only had me and this svelte wonderwoman to worry about so it was a mini personal training session that included:

  • reverse hand push ups (think push ups w/ ur hands torked out, wrists rotated up..this is where my knitting and crocheting helped me b/c my wrists are fairly strong)
  • Romanian split dips
  • Jumping chin ups
  • suspended one arm rows
  • frog jumps..ie..jumping, clicking ur heels together in the air
  • 20 lb hammer curls (holy shit my arms hurt today)
  • frog jumps on the floor..ask a toddler, they'll show you
That's what I remember...and I'm glad to be humbled. My body had adapted and I cry from time to time when I work out..it's normal..it's just energy release and cleansing.

Life is busy otherwise. I've managed to edit the Newsletter for AAP and work on other things needing my attention. I casted on a pair of mittens w/ some NHKM left over yarn from my Candyland Anty's. I hope to get them before the spring.

that's all I've got, fru-out!


glittersmama said...

That work out sounds like a killer. I'm proud of you.

KnitNurd said...

You amaze me...I hurt just from shopping yesterday! Made me realize something about myself...I need to get off my ass more often.

prymnumber said...

Be strong Fru! Slowly but surly you will be that WonderWoman!