Monday, December 13, 2010


Been busy of late..reading, editing the newsletter, getting the web version of ready to go, seeing ppl, surviving my first week of level 2 training group, and knitting a little bit.

Here's two things I've finished:

this is my first attempt at crocheting a headband. I love it! I used left over sock yarn from NHKnittingMama and from my Candyland Anty socks.You can't really tell from this picture but there are hearts in there..these are my I (heart) AAP socks. The cuff is prolly the longest ones that I've done and they are nice and thick and I like wearing these socks a lot. I goofed up the bind off but I managed to go back and fix it.

Okay, I have every intent on getting the next episode of SPK up by the end of the week. Hope y'all stay warm!

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KnitNurd said...

Headbands are such fun to make...almost instant gratification. I love the colorway of those socks!!!