Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hey Bebes!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and as usual, it all goes by so fast!

I was able to get some knitting done on these:here is the Yarn Ninja, endorsing my "um, Nutkin..not so much", done in Cherry Tree Hill's first sock club shipment of their Fingerpaints Sock Club. It's called Java Jive and I started the reverse nutkin pattern. However, after looking at it, and loving on this yarn, I'm switching to vanilla sock goodness. Did I mention that I love this yarn? It's thick, stretchy and freakin' flies on my nickel plated knitpick's circular needle.

I've been reading a good bit lately and may talk about my books on le podcast but here are the two I've been reading lately:Okay, here's the deal with this book. Ed's wife, Brooke, is a therapeutic ninja and one of my favorite dance partners whenever we go to AAP events. Either way, this book is awesome!

And this book reminds me of required reading for Grad school but it's pretty good so far. The author interviewed tons of women in the UK and complied their answers about their choices to remain without child. Since I continue to do a lot of work in therapy on my decision to not bear little ones, I have decided to review the literature to see why I feel so much like a martian for feeling this way. Lots of validation in this book.

Okay, gotta go splash off the stuffing!

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KnitNurd said...

CTH is one of my favorite yarns to knit with too. I think you better add the name "sock ninja" to your title too! You are definitely on a roll, and I'm so excited for you! Go get 'em hunny!!!