Monday, November 22, 2010

A message from the 'yarn ninja'

Hello Blog Readers,

This is JiJi kitteh. Mommy says I can update while she gets ready for Jazzercise.

She wants me to tell y'all that she had some kind of a bug this weekend and is better now.

She has started calling me her "Yarn Ninja" and I have to admit, I like the sound of it. Here are the latest socks she finished:
She's calling them "Monkehs" which confuses me b/c that's what she calls my demon-spawn sister, BayBay. She said something about getting them done in time to possibly win some "Woolmize". I don't know what that is but it it's anything like the other stuff that she uses to make socks..I'm sure it will be delicious.

She is now telling me that I simply MUST share the picture she snapped of me this morning. I woke her up early because my stomach wasn't feeling well and I puked. She got up and then said, ..her words, ..not mine, mind you, "Oh shit, I thot it was's 5:40, JiJikitty!!". As if I know how to tell time. Any way, I was feeling puny so she let me sleep on her Monkehs and that made me feel better. Then she decided to start another sock and here I am, giving her my seal of approval b/c, you know, that's how I roll:Okay, now I need to run because the woman is saying something about Jazzercise and where is my leotard..she KNOWS I don't do spandex.

Happy Monday, JiJikitteh, OUT!


KnitNurd said...

Cute post! Thanks for the update JiJi, you little yarn ninja. Your mom did an awesome job on those "monkehs", so no wonder they made you feel better!!! :=)

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

LOL! Love it!