Monday, November 8, 2010

And I'm back

Being away from home for 11 days has definitely been an adventure! Overwhelming, exciting, and at times, a tad homesick, it was a most wonderful experience.

Here are some snapshots of my favorite times on my adventure:
Addie and the lil hat I made her
Auntie Fru & her BellaBoo!Finished Candyland Anastacia's
Auntie Fru & Addie
BabyBro & his little one!


Gnat said...

Awe!! Look at that baby! SO cute!!

Simplyme5252 said...

Ok Fru, turning into a sock knitting machine. I still haven't finished my anastacia's and I had already turned the heel when I posted about them I think. lol. enjoy ms applejax hotpants she's such a cutie!