Saturday, August 28, 2010


Happy Saturday, bebehs! I have much to blog abt this morning!

Thank y'all so much for the love and light sent to my Papa. He's on his way back from Jacksonville today but has to go back again in two weeks for more tests.

Yesterday and this past week have been great. I've done NO working out! NONE. Here's the deal about that: I've been running non-stop since the first weekend of August when my cousin got married. In the midst of coming back, working for a day, and then getting to the beach, I returned to Columbia tired and frazzled. The beach was wonderful but nearly long enough. I came back to face one of the most hellish weeks in my practice of the year. So I was DONE...tired, ready to run away and join the circus. Add to that, my dear friend Lex flying in to help me learn how to do the Newsletter for AAP & it being a HUGE ass was bad, folks.

So I decided to take care of myself and get back some me time and that's what I did this past week. I rested, knit, rested some more and tackled my new obsession..and it's a knit..and I'm so excited about it but I'm not ready to share it yet b/c I want to do a podcast episode about it.
BUT..the highlight of my week occurred yesterday when Grammy taught me how to sew! Y'all meet Frances, my sewing machine:
Isn't she beautiful? She's a 1972 Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine. She has a bunch of cams, and the instruction book and I am amazed, honestly, that I can sew! Of course, I'm still timid but I follow so much better than when I attempted to learn a few years ago. Grammy helped me make my first EVER project:
A knitting project bag:
How awesome is this?! Grammy did most of the work but I was able to do some seaming and it went great!


knittinwolf said...

How exciting! Great job on the bag!

prymnumber said...

Sometimes we all need a "NO WORKING OUT!!" day/week/month. I feel you Fru! When times are busy, it's important to take care of yourself!

Courtney said...

Awesome work!

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

What a GREAT machine! and good work on the projects - YOU GO GIRL!

wooliegirl said...

Yay!!! You did a great job and I bet you will love sewing, especially on such a cool machine! (and with your Grammy, even better) I love it!

Gramma Phyllis said...

Great machine and very similar to the one I still use. Mine is a Singer from 1972, one of the last straight needle machines they made. They made true workhorses in those days. The project bag is very nice even if Grammy did a lot of the work.
Keep on truckin' girl and have fun.

I'll send up good thoughts and prayers for your Papa and his health. The older people in our lives are very special and we tend to worry about them.

Take care of yourself, because as you know very well, those in a caring position need to refresh and refuel often so that they can pass on their strength to others.

Gnat said...

Looks great!! Congrats!!!!