Monday, August 30, 2010

Holy shit, it's a sweater!

go back in time to last Wednesday:

I was on hiatus (still am) from exercising, listening to Gnat's latest podcast & chatting with her on fb. It was delightful and I complimented her on her redone Shalom and asked if it was a good pattern for a first sweater. She said yes and helped me find one to fit size 38 bust and I was off to the races.

so I'm thrilled and terrified because 1) this is an easy knit after you figure out how to purl through the back loop. I hit a snag, looked it up on youtube and then frogged it back to begin purling through the back loop again. 2) I love the yarn and I know some of y'all will shit bricks when I tell you it's acrylic but here's the deal: I have a bunch of acrylic yarn that was gifted to me and I picked this stuff up with a sweater in mind from AC Moore. It's mill ends that are super soft and it has a sheen to it that makes it look nicer than acrylic. Also, I'm not a yarn snob..not yet anyway..mainly because I can't afford to be. And even when I get out of debt, I'm not sure I will EVER be. 3) I adore this pattern..really..I LOVE it. And I think I'm all about to become obsessed with top down cardigan sweaters and if you check my queue on rav, you'll see that I queued a bunch o' sweater goodness whilst gaming in WoW on Friday. Yay for sweaters, y'all!!

And Wa-POW!! I finished my watermelon seagrass socks on Saturday! I rocked the sewn cast off by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I then decided to weigh out on my food scale my cake of KPStroll sock yarn in Tea Party and casted on for duckies. I also frogged the lovely charades in NH Knitting Mama's beautiful yarn, Candyland, and weighed and split the ball by hand. I'm not sure if I want to do plain jane's w/ the Candyland. I may wait also for the pattern that Roue from Knitcents and Erin from The Anatomy of Knitting podcasts are going to put out with their toe-up, heel flap pattern they created.

Okay, I'm off to knit. Enjoy your monday, Fru-out!


Gnat said...

It's looking good!!!! Hope you like it as much as I love mine!! ;)

Socks look great too!!

knittinwolf said...

Awesomeness! It all looks fabulous!

wooliegirl said...

Holy macaroni...loving your watermelon seagrass socks! The pattern and color are gorgeous and I am envious!
Plus the sweater looks wonderful and I must find this Shalom pattern...I like the way it looks.
(nothing wrong with acrylic! I have an armoire drawer full)