Friday, July 9, 2010

pank hair, part deux

yup, I redid my hair and here's how it turned out! I have it pulled up so u can see the pank b/c if I put it down, u can't see it too well. SuperC is either gonna be amused or pissed but I don' care.
And here's a fabulous pic of BayBay kitty yesterday:She was getting ready to beat a string's ass...hence the fuzziness of the picture.


wooliegirl said...

Love the pank and BayBay Kitty also looks smashing. Kill that string! (That's the look I get when I see one cupcake left!)

Courtney said...

Love the Pank hair and BayBay kitty looks tooo darn stinking cute!

prymnumber said...

It looks great on you! I was just telling my husband how I would totally color my hair some awesome pink or electric green color. Now you did it! Go girl!