Thursday, July 8, 2010

comings & goings

On Tuesday, I launched the last of 4 amazing young women. One went here, one went there..and while I never intend to have children, I imagine the feelings I experienced may be what parents feel when they launch their little ones onto the bus, down the aisle, onto a plane. Therapeutic partings are bittersweet for me, even when they are done the "right way" in both client and therapist have discussed that it's time for the client to move on, find someone new to work with, have a new adventure. Saying things like, "You're an amazing person" and "It's been a gift to sit with you" don't seem to do the feelings justice so that is a bit frustrating for me.
I've been tired this week. I think it has to do with the training schedule, my diet changing and the heat. It's been hella hot here in south cackalacky. In training group on Tuesday, I got down on all fours (wrists & feet) and crawled backwards in something called a Backwards Alien. It kicked my arse. Then I did this:
Hello, suspended row & holy hell, it kicked my ass.

Enjoy your Thursday, Fru-out!

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wooliegirl said...

What kind of crazy torture is that????? There is no way I can pull myself up, I would slip and fall, I know it!
But by golly I will try it tomorrow morning and just hope that the gym security tape (that is pointing towards the suspendy weight thing) is not rolling! I can see me on youtube now...
I know they have laughed at me knitting on the stationary bike :)