Thursday, June 17, 2010


howdee, bebehs,

i'm here, and just re acclimating to life. The best way i can explain this is as follows:

when I go to AAP events, but mainly summer workshops, I'm around "my people". I am understood completely, held safely, reassured, and told, "we get you, we understand you, we love you" in a way that's beyond some of my day to day interactions when I'm at home.

So whenever I come back from summer workshop, I grieve, I celebrate, I get quiet, until I can sure my self to interact with the "others" again.

hence, very little blogging, knitting, or much anything else since I've been back. I've been working and sleeping. SuperC says that it's pretty much like this whenever I get back from summer workshops and I believe him. he's beyond patient with my oversensitivity, and irrationality when I return.


knittinwolf said...

hugs and love sweetie!!!

KnitNurd said...

We're here when you 'get back', frucakes! :=)