Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wa-pow! Wednesday!

Blogging between bitefuls of lunch, this week has been a doozy already, wth? My adventures, quik and dirrty like:
  • Almost done w/ my Padfoots. yes, I know, I take for effen eVER to knit socks. I also noticed that whenever shit goes down in my life, I want my padfoots. Hmm...interesting, huh?
  • Will be casting on for a prayer shawl prolly very soon. I want to crotchet one for the arts and crafts auction.
  • Damnedest thing about weight loss: I need more time to consider wardrobe options before going to work. My front room at home looks like my closet exploded b/c I have more options. In fact, I had so many options, I was almost late seeing clients today. O.o.
  • Happy to report that I have written out my May budget, I'm only 12 days late but it's done.
  • that's all I got for now. back to work, fru-out!


Courtney said...

At least tomorrow is Friday!! Enjoy your day!

Lisa said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet..I will be available on Thursday to chat!! I'll give ya a ring! Lisa