Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day & other good stuffs!

Happy Memorial Day, bebehs! I am posting pictures of the loved ones in my family that have served.
  • Picture above is of my late Grandfather King, or my PapPap. He was a Private in the Army in WWII and was drafted I think before he finished high school (I believe he finished eventually when he returned?). He played trombone in the Army Band and some where, we have pictures of his band. I have all the letters he wrote home to his mother. I asked him about being drafted and going away at such a young age..I think he was 19 and he just said, "It was just what you didn't question did it."

  • This patch is for my babybro, who is a secret squirrel. I can't tell ya much more than that beyond how proud I continue to be of him and his service to our country.
  • Okay in searching through my photos, I don't have a picture of my late Grandfather Lavelle, so y'all will have to make due with a pic of my GrammaBelle. My late grandfather, Gerald Lavelle, was a Marine and served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Sadly, I never got to meet him so he's alive to me only from the stories that are shared.
  • And these are what I'm justifying in my mind as early SAFF purchases. I believe the awesome Amanda may have a booth at SAFF this year but her awesome yarn goodness can be found here I've been looking at the above colorway, "Chocolate Bunnies" ever since it came out. It's in Farmington (a kind of sheep) and then on EARTH could I refuse the Candyland colorway? It would be like me not getting excited about shiny sparkles..impossible!
  • Things on the burner this Glorious Monday off:
  1. A possible podcast
  2. Application to the End of Life Certificate Program
  3. June's Budget (already? grrr)
  4. WaterArt continuing Ed stuff so I can continue to teach H20 aerobix
  5. Personal Training session at 6 pm this evening (was supposed to be this AM at 7 but got rescheduled which is fine by me..)
  6. working on my 101 in 1001 list
That's all I got for now!!

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wooliegirl said...

Oh I am so envious of your CandyLand, I want some too!!! I can't wait for SAFF and for registration. I have June 15th marked on my calendar for the schedule to come out!

I had classes all 3 days last year and hope to do the same this year! It is so cool to find someone else that loves SAFF and yummy yarns! Have a great day off :)