Monday, May 24, 2010

guilty pleasure Monday

Happy Monday, bebehs!

The weekend saw a flurry of casting-on goodness and an eventful h20 aerobix class on Saturday.

Smackdown, Fru!

Here is the story where I tell y'all about how I had to break it down for a lady at the Y on Saturday who insisted on sitting on the pool deck and yammering while I taught my class.

Lemme set the scene for you: Envision an at least 100 year old pool in an at least 100 year old building where women were once NOT ALLOWED (um..WTF?!!) to go. So this is an Olympic-sized indoor pool that's not very big but very boomy, as in I haz to yell to call commands when I teach h2o aerobix.

So this lady is fairly obnoxious and seems to have some mental illness and isn't old..don't freak out..I didn't cuss out anybody's Gramma!...and she seems to be really starved for attention socially. Either way, I had mentioned to her that I get distracted easily and that I would prefer for her to join us for class instead of talking on the pool deck to the lifeguard. She didn't understand me. I'm teaching my class and they can't hear me so I tell her to please keep it down and she keeps on...and my class is getting frustrated so I gave her 3 minutes and then I said,

"Either get in the pool or get off the pool deck, NOW!"

And she looked at me all goofy like and I repeated myself.

And she just stood there. And I went back to teaching and with 10 minutes left in class, for realz, her dumbazz got in the pool.

I so dislike having to channel my inner kindergarten teacher when I teach H2o aerobix, ya know?

Oh and since it's guilty pleasure Monday, the eye candy at the top is from the current series SuperC and I are watching called, "Spartacus: Blood & Sand". I loves it although it is incredibly violent. haz in..penis'....or penii?! But beyond the boy parts, it's good. I recommend it for adult viewers.

That's all I gotz, Fru-out.


Lisa said...

OMG! I wish I could have been at the pool! You are AWESOME!

KnitNurd said...

Why didn't the lifeguard say something to her...or was he eating up the attention from this woman? Some people are so clueless...sigh.