Monday, April 12, 2010

squashed tomato!

Remember the joke in Pulp Fiction that Uma Thurmond tells John Travolta?
A baby tomato was taking too long following the Mommy Tomato so the Mommy Tomato turned around, squashed it & yelled, "ketchup!"!!

I feel like much of what I've been trying to do lately is catch up or ketchup! har! har! I had to share this pic, though. I snapped it yesterday AM of my morning companion, JiJi kitty. She sits right beneath me and keeps me company. The yarn pron on the floor is my blanket and scarf that I set out for her to lay on. Sometimes she does, yesterday she decided she wasn't feelin' it. She most definitely is God's blessing to me and I tell her and her sister that every morning!

Okay where to begin, where to begin?
  • Episode 17 of Sassypants Knitter is up on the podbean site. I just uploaded it. Show notes shall be up by the end of the day.
  • Wt loss is holding at 48 lbs. Next month, I will FINALLY be able to have my basal energy expenditure test done. It's where I relax, breathe into a tube and a fancypants machine prints out how many calories I'm burning at rest and how many calories I need to sustain my current weight level. It's a good test!
  • Finished my Vanilla Knitmores, see:
  • They have personality, with a few ladders and watnot, but for my first attempt at two at a time socks on le magic loop, I iz happy!
  • Finance stuff: So I've been listening to Suze Orman's Women & money on audiobook. And listening to Dave Ramsey's podcasts and reading his book, Financial Peace. I won't get on a soapbox here but thank goodness I'm not in the dark anymore about personal finance. As you can see, once I become interested in something, I typically become obsessed and voracious about it. Living on a budget isn't so bad thus far, granted it's only April 12th. I have a little plan in place and feel much better about my personal wealth.
  • I head down to Tybee Island in T-minus 4 days! I'm renting a car since Evie Jane is injured and heading out on Friday. I'm headed to the AAP Southern Region Conference which I'm thrilled about.
  • Okay, I'd rather be getting ready for jazzercise but I haz to go visit my eye doctor who will prolly tell me, "Fru, I'm sorry but your eyes don't even like daily disposable contact lenses. I recommend Lasik!" And I shall say, "Nooo...don't zap my eyes! There has to be another way!!!"
  • Fru-out!


glittersmama said...

You're rockin that weight loss lady! Good job!

Simplyme5252 said...

Nice work on the 2@time socks. I just bought my 40" needles on Saturday. Can't wait to start my 1st pair. I'm sure mine will be full of little whoopsies or "personal design modifications" as like to call em. lol. Have fun @ your getaway!

KnitNurd said...

You're awesome fru!! Don't forget to take some knitting for any down time at your conference. Have a great time!!!

knittinwolf said...

You're rockin your weight loss....mine is stuck to the butt!!! At least I haven't gained since my knees have been screwed up! Positive thinking!! So proud of you!! Can't wait to hear ya on the podcast! love ya