Wednesday, April 7, 2010

quiet girl

Happy Wednesday!

This is very very delayed but I wanted to take the time to thank the awesome fabulous dawn & melanie for sharing this award with me!

I'm supposed to pass this award on but I'm pressed for time and recalling back to the days when little fru would come home with her report card and my mom would say, "Hmm...doesn't follow directions easily, big surprise there!!".

So here are the peeps I'd like to honor w/ this award:
  • Court aka knitnpurlgirl for finding some of the most heinous patterns on ravelry and posting them in the SPK group. Also for being an awesome knitter and friend!
  • Dawn aka knittinwolf for encouraging me in my podcasting adventures from the very beginning and for her love, support and encouragement. she is my sister on the west coast, y'all!
  • DeeDee aka Knitnurd for again wowing me with her amazingly mad knitting skills, and for her love, encouragement and sense of humor.
  • Tasha aka AwesomeTash, who knew your sister-in-law could also be your best friend? My dear sweet Tash is amazing, strong, funny and she loves me even when I have a melt down.
  • Gnat aka barknknit for her support and guidance as I launched sassypantsknitter into a reality. Thanks to facebook, I now get to chat with her daily and she's becoming another very dear friend.
  • Janabananapunkinpants aka Pugger for being my fairy godmother and loving me and supporting me no matter what. For listening to my blatherings, showering me with yarn, love and encouragement and letting me follow her around Ashevegas for awesome adventures.
  • Tashabadazz aka bijouxmaster for reassuring me that I'm pretty fantastic myself, and encouraging me to keep up the good work with my weight loss and podcastiom adventures. She also showers me with hella amazing gifts for no other reason because she's just effin awesome.
  • Melanie aka pfiefergrad for embracing me and welcoming me to SAFF by treating me like a girlfriend she always knew and introducing me to the word "crotchetding".
  • Dawn aka buckster for laughing at me and my foibles at SAFF and for connecting w/ me on fb and blogger and ravelry and becoming such a delight and better gal pal!
Okay, I could link all this stuff and I might and I'm sure I've forgotten people. If that's the case, no worries, I'll be back.

Ooooh..and Dad & Gram! I made pecan crusted honey mustard chicken breasts last night & they turned out great! There is hope for me yet!!

Off to shake it..injury and all, at jazzercise!

ps: injury update: went to chiropractor yesterday for my monthly adjustment and told him abt my left wrist being wonky. He adjusted it and told me that I had some how managed to jam it up "pretty good". I think the jammage came from jazzercise, knitting, and moving stuff at the yardsale. Anyhoo....injury-be-damned, I'm off to exercise!

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3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.


KnitNurd said...

WOW, look everybody, I won an award!!! That's my first! Thank you thankyou thankyou, frufoo!!!
How did I miss you getting injured? Geez Louise, I hope it feels better very soon!!!

Courtney said...

Thank you :-) :-) We love you too!!

Anonymous said...

girlfriend??? is one of my crochetding hookah sistahs!!! Love ya Girlie!