Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday!!

thank you janabananpunkinpants for sharing this blog! I love it and "borrowed" their picture because I thought it was awesome! they have awesome stuff and focus on kindness, so you know I love that!

I attempted to work out stuff with the insurance company and sadly, was unsuccessful. So I have to fork over $$ or lose my contract as a provider. It could be worse is what I keep saying over and over and this morning, I actually believe it a bit.

Knitting like mad on my Knit for Charity y'all blanket and worked on my knitmore vanilla socks last night. Gotta get ready to shake it at Jazzercise! y'all have a great one!



knittinwolf said...

Such a pretty pic!

KnitNurd said...

I love the pic! Sorry to see you are still having to deal with the stupid insurance issue(s). Something sure needs to be done with our health system..not sure what, but something!
Shake that bootay're almost there...wooohooo!!!
Oh, and hurry and finish that blanket and socks..we wanna seeeee!!!