Monday, February 15, 2010

VD, racin', & ravelympics!

Happy Belated Valentine's y'all! I hope that it was a lovely day for everyone! I "borrowed" a pic of the robots designed by needlenoodles because one day I hope to make them! I'm toying with also sharing the story of how SuperC and I met on the latest podcast..not sure about that yet....though.

And on a rather interesting note, Nascar started officially yesterday with the running of the Daytona 5o0. Before I knit or crocheted, I'd normally watch the races with SuperC and doze off because, going 'round and 'round relaxes me?! But then I learned how to knit and crochet and I looked forward to hours of uninterrupted fiber and racin' goodness. I was so excited for that again yesterday until....

SuperC announced that he figured out a way for us to watch/stream the race and play WoW at the same time.
my reaction & gamer speak for "oh, really?"

***sigh*** So much for extra time to enjoy racing and yarn pron. Although, running around as a Horde Blood Elf named Meanazzgirl did make me feel a little bit better!!

And finally, I'm happy to report that I'm an official Ravthlete! Bobicus Maximus awarded me this:

for finishing my therapeutic ninja for Mel!

that's all I've got for a monday, hope it's a great one for ya, bebehs!


knittinwolf said...

Whooohooo, congratulations on the awards!

The end of the race was awesome!!!! Down to the wire, boogity boogity!:)

loonyhiker said...

My hubby was watching Nascar all weekend so I was watching the Olympics and running back and forth between the TVs to see what was going on during knitting breaks. I can't believe how cheap the tickets have come to! And I can't wait to hear your love story on a future podcast! Please do tell it!

Courtney said...

Congrats and happy V day

Lisa said...

I gotta admit..when I saw the title of this post,,,I thought WHHHAAATT?? VD?? Then realized you meant valentine's day...ironic, no, that the national day of love is VD? hahahhaaaaaaaa