Saturday, February 13, 2010

First FO of the year?!! Wat?!!!

I'm still floating on the cloud of a Friday that shaped up to be truly, truly EPIC!!!

Thank y'all for the positive vibes sent yesterday! I'm happy to report that we are in great shape w/ our taxes and Uncle Sam don't got nothin' on us! The accountant told me that and I started to cry! :) Yes, I'm a cheeseball dorkasaurus!

Then I ventured up to Grammy's where she and meh Mom, affectionately referred to as "Gink" informed me that adding orange to my afgan would equal FAIL. Then Grammy took my orange yarn because she needed it and instructed me to add white to my afghan! Then in the process of helping her around her house, we unearthed a crate of pattern goodness!! You would have thought we won the lotto! I managed to "borrow" two awesome afghan books that are circe 1980's but I don't care b/c they are great! I'm obsessed with afghans now. ....there, I've said it!

I managed to get home in time to do some work and then SuperC got home early because of this:
here is the snow patrol, guard kitties, watching for le snow
and here it is!!
7 inches of snowy goodness

Then we commenced to play Wow & I managed to some how also pull up Team Sasquatch's Chat room and we celebrated the beginning of Ravelympics by a massive cast on/ chat event. So whilst gaming, and listening to the opening ceremonies, I also got to chat w/ some of my fav rav peeps and some of my favorite podcasters!! It was a great night!!

And now...du du...DUHHHHHH!!!

My first finished object of the year:

this gorgeous yarn pron was gifted to me by JanaBananaPunkinPants. Gram and I think it's a chenille/wool blend. Anyhoo..I was playing with it and decided to do an easy peasy double crotchet scarf. i worked on it yesterday while the accountant hammered out the numbers. I think I may give it to my's the FO:
And since there's still snow on the ground, I've got the morning off from h20 aerobics so I'm off to go get my rav on and knock out my ravelympics projects!

Happy Saturday, ya'll!!

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Courtney said...

The scarf is awesome!