Monday, February 1, 2010


Happy Monday! I ganked the pic above from Ravelry b/c I think it's great!!

Today's entry is titled "sigh" because I'm just aware that it's Monday again and there's never enough time or yarn!

Saturday was an interesting day here b/c they were expecting a "winter weather event" in South Cackalacky. Well that included freezing rain/sleet here. I spent much of the day listening to podcasts and getting tax stuff ready for my meeting with the accountant next week.

I managed to frog my two-at-a-time socks that I started mainly because I was soo excited to get my knitpicks circs that I didn't take the time to straighten the cable. So almost an inch in on both socks, I was ready to stab my eyes out b/c of the twisted mess I had on my hands. It also didn't help that the yarn had already been molested by JiJi kitty and I kept finding JiJi kitty hair throughout the yarn.

So I'm a bit overwhelmed w/ the yarn projects I've got and getting ready to the ravelympics. Perhaps I'll take all my projects and compete in the WIP event!

Alright, all for now, must go shake it @ jazzercise!


Courtney said...

I know what you mean about the pet hair, I find Eva hairs in my knitting all the time.

Shevon said...

Winter weather event? Down here in Sunny FLA, it is just rain.