Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the curiousitor

While I've never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I know that winter's are typically hard for me. It's like a let down after January 19th (my birfday), with little rays of sunshine in between with SuperC's birfday in February. Historically, I know I am prone to walking around with my butt up on my shoulders more days than most from about January 20th until ...um..April? Either way, I read a great article on SAD that basically says that many researchers believe that the reduction in light throws off our circadian rhythms and that's what causes us to be in a funk. I've also heard that you can counter this by sitting in front of a light box but that the only real light boxes have to be obtained from Canada.

Enter Fru-the-curiousitor.....(another word I made up, isn't it great?!)

I thot, "hmm...I wonder if I buy myself an OTT light, on sale 50% from Joann's online and pink..must be pink..I wonder if that would help?" So I took my birfday monies and got one. Now, I must share here that I do not recommend self treatment of SAD if you have been formally diagnosed. I've not been so I can do watevah I wants!

So every morning, whilst drinking coffee, farming on fb's farmville, and reading ravelry, I sit in front of this light which simulates natural sunlight and is actually marketed as a "Task Lamp". My conclusion so far: the grumpiness doesn't seem as pervasive. I also am a sunbaby and take the time to stand in front of direct sunlight (indoors most of the time) and close my eyes and feel the sun directly on my face while offering a prayer of Thanksgiving to my higher power. Call me a cheeseball, but it's just something that I do.

Okay, off to watch miracles! Fru-out!


knittinwolf said...

In Washington area where they don't see much sun...this is one of therapies recommended. Quite a bit of research on it and think there are certain light bulbs for their houses too.

I love the pink!:)

Courtney said...

I love the rainy, cloudy snowy weather.. I would be VERY happy living in washington.

Crochetlocket said...

i HAVE to look at a bright light to sneeze.... so, uh, maybe if I sneeze more... I will be happier??? heeeeee.... just joking with you.
I am in the funk too and was even thinking of going tanning!