Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sock Wars Commence-a-con!!!!

Patterns went up last night at 8:00 pm. God bless SuperC who tolerated me getting up from the middle of our meal and saying, "Oh Snap!! The patterns are up!!!!"

So i'm freakin' stoked b/c there's a pattern that's done in Magic Loop called Jekyll & Hyde It's the one I've chosen to work on. I'm also stoked b/c it's in the size circ that I have after culling through my stash o' needles.

So I'm having a blast and hoping that I don't get offed to quickly b/c I love the pattern so far. Tune in this week for my "get ur frog on" episode of Sassypants Knitter where I also share my other adventures!!

off to teach H20 aerobix! Happy Saturday, bebehs! Fru-wants to knit in the pool-out!!!

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Courtney said...

I cant wait to see pics of your socks! Have fun in the pool!