Saturday, January 23, 2010

Perspective?!! Yah, I got ur number!!!

Howdy, bebehs!!!

Yes, a bit slow on le blogdom. It's been another bang up week in the Adventures of Fru.

So it's late Saturday afternoon and I've got myself a cup of coffee, and some thoughts that I'ma put out here in no random order:

Happiness was a puppy named Sammy....or Sammernanner
Many moons ago, God smiled upon me and I met DD! DD and I are like peas n' carrots. She moved back to Seattle in 2005(?) and since then, I've been trying to get out to visit her and K and SammyDog every other year. The last time I was out was in 2008. This is SammerNanner, or Sammy! The sweetest, most lovable Black Lab I had ever met besides my Inlaw's late Sheba. I got a call from DD telling me that SammerNanner had gone to the rainbow bridge yesterday. It sucked. She was such a loyal, loving companion and what sucks even more is that I can't get in the car to take DD some flowers or show up with some beer making materials for K. So that's been on my mind..and it made me go love and snuggle on Ji & Nan a bit more this weekend.
the carnage that was sock wars was over just as soon as it began, with me opening the mailbox and getting DEAD by a lovely pair of socks knit by someone up in NC. They are lovely socks. What sucked more than anything was packing up my lovely Cherry Soda BFL yarn from NH Knitting Mama and mailing the socks and yarn up to my assassin to finish. I think my expression above shows my displeasure at the whole process! And no, I'm not crying. Lately, it looks like I'm rockin' a mild case of Down Syndrome in the AM when I awake. It's the bi-product of wearing daily disposable contacts and the protein build up in le eyes.


Here's a tale about a therapist who was minding her business and was working with a client who had been injured at work. The client refused to go through the worker's comp therapy mill and demanded to continue to see the therapist. The therapist then got asked for something called, "A medical impairment rating" and the therapist said, "WAT THE FUCK?"

So yesterday, I am notified that I needed to submit something about an impairment rating, and frankly, I was tired, drained and not really feeling it. So I said, "well, I'll just say that the impairment rating is 40%". And then someone said, "Would you be able to explain how you came to that percentage?" And I said.....

(insert the sound of crickets here)

"Lemme get back to you". So off I went, searching hither and yon all over le internetz to find the AMA's Guidelines to Impairment Ratings. Well, even I am a master at Google and came up with nothing..that's right..nothing. So then I realize that you can't MacGuyver the info off of Google b/c u haz to BUY it. So I plunked down..well my bizness plunked down the dosh to get access to this little document.

Reading, computing and looking back, the bottom line is this: the impairment rating was in fact 40% and I now have the data to back it up.

the more important lesson here: even if you are tired as hell, worn out, and ready to go home and drool over yarn, you can't do anything half-assed with regards to client care. Lesson learned, perspective gained.


Courtney said...

I am sorry about your friends dog :-( Sammy looks very cute in that pic! I love old lab doggies. So where is the picture of the socks you were "Killed" with?

KnitNurd said...

Sammernanner is in great company up yonder with my beloved Bonita! She was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and will always be missed and loved by my family very much..she was the most awesome dog!!! I'll have to get a pic scanned of her and blog about her one day. Hugz to you and DD!!

I feel your pain re: contacts, but I just got some new ones from the eye doc that are 30 day disposables. 30 DAYS I tell ya!! I LOVE them!!!