Monday, January 25, 2010

Birfday prezzie goodness

Last week is a bit of a blur so this week, I shall work on sharing the awesome goodness that I received for my birfday!!
So here is Unicorn in Knitpicks Imagine on the bottom
Cartoons in Knitpicks Stroll on the top
Chart keeper from Awesome Tash & BabyBro

On my actual birfday, I wandered around BigLots aka Redneck Walmart & what girl doesn't need a pink sock monkeh easter basket? JiJi has a crush on le monkeh..that's her fuzzy ass in the back ground.

And this awesomeness is part of my Knitpicks wish list that SuperC told me to buy for myself. So it's Knitpicks Felici and I'm attempting my first ever two-at-a time with it right now!


KnitNurd said...

That was so sweet of SuperC to 'bend' the rules of the fiber diet for your bday!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your socks from all of your pretty loot! :=)

Courtney said...

Those are some awesome birthday gifts! I love the monkey bucket, very cute! I think it is funny the fuzzy butt JiJi has a crush on it LOL :-)

Betty Graham said...

you must have gotten 2 of those chart keepers