Sunday, December 13, 2009

New 'tude, diet & podcast logo

Okay so first and foremost, my lack of blogdom relates entirely to my level of free time and energy.

So the quick and dirty of this week breaks down as this:
  • Monday, we noticed JiJi twitching her head, and this concerned us greatly.
  • Tuesday, I saw my therapist after a long day of seeing clients and made an appointment to take Ji to the vet.
  • Wednesday, rearranged my schedule, took Ji to the vet, where she cussed me out all the way in the car on the way to see Dr. Blaes, who told SuperC and me that WonderJi has bad allergies and gave us ear drops. SuperC put WonderToonz in the car, and no cussing for him, she slept the whole way home.
  • Thursday was a blur.
  • Friday I had an awesome lunch with a dear friend, got a fabulous xmas prezzie and rested.
New 'tude:
  • Not really a new 'tude but more of an awareness of how well my body responds to yoga. I spent yesterday (Saturday) at City Yoga's workshop on Cultivating your Highest Self. For my other therapy ninjas out there, there is a wealth of information coming out about how yoga is currently being used as a modality to treat PTSD. It is also effective in treating depression. The workshop I attended was just scratching the surface to something I believe may direct the next place I focus my energy as a psychotherapist.
  • What I continue to realize is that no matter how far away I go from my mat, my body responds almost immediately to asanas. Perhaps in another life, I was a yogi with devoted practice because my body went right into downward facing dog, warrior poses, pigeon and cobra poses with ease. I think the fact that I've shed 25 lbs from my frame helped also but there was a familiarity there on my mat that I found comforting.
  • Some of the time yesterday was spent also on looking at malas, rasas and doshas. Malas show up in life as dust or film that cover our lives. Rasas are emotions. Doshas are temperaments. All things that just fascinate me to no end.
New diet and logo bits:
  • You like my new podcast logo? It was created for me by Marisa of Elegant Snobbery. You can find her shop on Etsy. The two kitties are modeled after, you guessed it, JiJi & BayBay. Didn't she do an awesome job?!! I just love it!!!
My new diet:
  • My new diet isn't a food one. It's a fiber one, a non-edible fiber one.
  • In gearing up for a new year, mentioned on my last episode of SPK, Fru2010 is just an idea that I've been kicking around for the new year.
  • In addition to being a selfish knitter who will only knit/crotcheted for people only if I want to, I'm also going on a yarn diet.
  • My yarn diet begins on January 1st and lasts until I travel to SAFF 2010 at the end of October.
  • SuperC doesn't believe that I can remain on my diet until then but has promised to give me $100 of spending money if I am able to abstain from any fiber purchases until October. If I break my diet before then, I have agreed to pay him $100.
But Fru, why would you do this to yourself?
  • It just makes sense, really. Makes sense to me.
  • In the past two years that I have been knitting and most recently crotcheting, I have amassed an amazing stash. As in, probably hundreds of dollars of stash. Much of my stash was gifted to me by my Gramma and it's acrylics that I use to crotchet stuffs, namely amigurumis.
  • I have easily enough sock yarn pron to make possibly a pair of socks for at least every month of the year, possibly more. I have enough sock yarn pron left over to start a barknknit raising blanket in the future.
  • With the recent acquisition of the big ole honkin' box of wool, I have enough wool to felt purses, blankets or whatever else for easily the next two years.
  • In addition to that, I must focus energy this year on paying off debts so that I can begin to amass my small fortune to become a retired glitter ninja eventually. That ninjaness cannot occur with debt still lingering.
Okay a big post but necessary to update everyone in blogdom who reads my adventures. In an effort to take care of myself today, I'm happy to report that I've slept at least 11 hours today, have tinkered on the computer for at least 2, and suspended the idea of podcasting until a few days from now. I have roughly a week and 3 days left until I am on holiday for the remainder of the year, and it is my goal to preserve what little energy I have left for SuperC and my work. Pray I make it, because I'm hella-tired.


KnitNurd said...

Congrats on the 25lb weight loss, Fru...that's awesome!!!

Lisa said...

YOu have me so intrigued by the idea of yoga and psychotherapy!! way kewl...i actually am considering purchasing a pass to amsa yoga as a gifty to myself!! they have a sun class that i adore!!