Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Imposter Syndrome, be damned!

This morning, I got the sweetest note from someone I've worked with, and it was just a gentle nudge, if you will, that reminds me..that I do have somewhat of a clue..when it comes to this awesome adventure of psychotherapy.

“We are generally our harshest critics. Things that we would reasonably justify others for doing cause us the greatest grief if we do it ourselves. DBT teaches us to be mindful of this and treat ourselves with the same grace and understanding that we afford others.” (W. Graham, personal communication, October 6, 2009).

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Lisa said...

You are one of the most clued-in therapists I know..would I send all these peeps to you if you sucked???:)

Yes, nice reminder though..give yourself some grace.

When you wanna meet up for your intro to KB??? Can't wait!!