Friday, October 16, 2009

I thot fridays were for resting?!

where to begin..where to begin?!

Tonight, if you would like to hear me and the rest of my bandmates play an awesome concert, please head up to Chapin United Methodist Church at 7:30~ We didn't make it through a single song w/out stopping last night during the run through..but I'm optimistic!!

I'm headed up to meet w/ the nutritionist this morning for another weigh in and journal review. Still no test b/c her Korr machine is broken. While this annoys me, I cannot stress how much better I feel by only eating between 1200-1400 calories a day. It's like my body is telling me, "Aww, sweet girl, you finally get it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" WD (wonderdrug) is helping with this some in terms of curbing hunger issues but I do think much of my improvement is coming from not overeating.

I continue to be blessed beyond my wildest dreams in my practice. I love my work; I love my clients. I've been fairly busy lately and the next week will be madness but's amazing how much better I feel..and how much more energy I have. More energy means more time..more time..means more connection w/ clients (within reason!), and so forth....

I have packed my supplies for SAFF and am so stoked! This time next week lovies, I will be up in Ashevegas, hanging out w/ Pugger and taking classes. Cooter looked at me like I had lost my mind when I started gathering supplies for the three classes I'm taking. I'm so excited and I want to be prepared! I've never been to SAFF but I am prepared to see lots of delicious yarn pron, fiber-making animals like bunnies and sheep and alpacas, oh my! And connections w/ awesome people that I've met on the Ravelry site. I am sure I will return home on Sunday w/ a yarn hangover and happy exhaustion.

Okay, that's it for Friday..a busy but hopefully good one! Fru-out!

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Lisa said...

Is there room in your bag for me to sneak into and go to SAFF with you?? OMG!! How freakin awesome. So. envious.

Hope the concert went well!

CONGRATS on finding a happy place with the kcals!! That's awesome. More energy = healthy eating. YEAH!

And down some lbs. too! AWESOME!
Seriously, is there room in your suitcase??? I'm wanting to run away for a weekend...or maybe a week!! :)