Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wat's on my mind?!

Random stuff in no particular order:
  • Loved that Kris won AI last night (sorry Pugger).
  • Have tried two different sock recipes and ripped them off my needles and will be starting on Maggie's Socks w/ my mangled yarn.
  • I need to buy printer ink.
  • The change in temperature is jacking up my sinus' and I believe I'm getting a head cold or something else to nurse over the long weekend.
  • I'm uber busy today. No rest for the wicked.
  • I don't miss teaching h20 aerobics on Tues/Wed but I miss the way my body feels. I need to do something about this...I'm in the thinking stage...not yet to the doing stage of it.
  • I'm still rocking out my new clothes that Tasha sent me and say prayers of Thanksgiving every day for her. She's just awesome and I love her to pieces.
  • I day dream of being a knitting librarian.


puggerhugger said...

What ezzackly is a kniting librarian? I guess Kris can have it, I'm so disappointed though. *sigh*
Dude, check out meh toe-ups!

Betty Graham said...

YEY for Kris Allen !!!!