Tuesday, May 19, 2009

twofer tuesday

Two main things that I'm thinking about here lately:

  • My next sock endeavor. First I thought I'd so Magi socks but they call for four needles and I wasn't feeling it. Next I thought I'd do self striping socks but now I'm not feeling it. I mangled my beautiful yarn that I got from Julia's Craft by trying to impatiently wind it into a ball without spreading it out appropriately. Apparently, bamboo and wool like to tangle and there are numerous breaks in the yarn and I may just have to pick another color. Also, I'm aware that my right hand is very unhappy and I fear that I haz a yarn injury.
  • Upcoming summer workshop with the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Why is this on my mind? Well, I'm co chairing the hospitality suite and it's a lot of work and I've not even been the contact point The family and I will be flying up to Fredrock, MD and renting a car and then I'll be on my way after a brief visit with the Gram's and family.

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