Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fru is tired today from losing an hour of sleep. She's being a bit dramatic so I'm blogging on her behalf. My name is Sister Mary MonkeyPants...SMMP..and don't you forget it!!

SMMP here and I have my adventures to share with you!

After watching Fru & Cooter do this, I climbed up onto Fru’s PINK(!) gaming PC to try my hand at online gaming. now, I know the boys do this at MamaPugger’s house but Fru sez that she and Cooter play Warhammer and not WoW. I hope the boys don’t mind the change…Fru tells me, “PVP is PVP…!” Whatever that means!

alt text

then I got into Fru’s gaming chair but realized it was too big:

alt text

So this is me & Fru, gaming:

alt text
She sez she has the headset on so that she can yell at ppl and boss them around. I decided to try it mehself:

alt text
I didn’t hear anything..I thought I’d be able to boss Pugger around from down here but it didn’t happen. I think she’s at the Biltmore w/ the boys….

Then I decided to get closer b/c there was all this talk about Glitter…“Glitterpants this…Glitterpants that…” so I had to check it out for mehself. I found out what the big deal was:

alt text

For realz, that’s Fru’s character name in Warhammer. She really likes glitter and sparkles!

Okay now I must go meditate and rest. JiJi kitty has informed me that tomorrow, we are undertaking a bird watching adventure!

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