Friday, February 20, 2009

think think think

Happy Friday! I need some chocolate!

So I am home, puttering around and I've got this fuzziness in my brain that sez that there are things I should be doing....

This day off was planned. Every now and then, I have to hold still and not move or else I'll get worn out.

As I type this, JiJi kitty, whom I've renamed appropriately Hissypants, is watching birds from the kitchen table and BayBay kitty is drinking water in the kitchen sink.

I've been to gentle yoga, the bank and to pick up our taxes (hella-expensive) and now I'm back home. I'm off to make sticky notes to figure out what all I have to get done today...

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Rusty said...

Hey hope you two got the word we are moving the guild to the server Iron Rock.