Thursday, February 19, 2009


Life is returning to as normal as it can around here. One of the many joys of self employment is when I get to move my schedule to accommodate chaos and this is what I did yesterday to bring BayBay kitty, the wonder monkeh protector, home.

I spent much of the day about 5 feet behind BayBay, letting her know that I was around if she needed me. I managed to use the time to get some work done at home, and to do some knitting on some projects I'm working on for my Mama.

As for the final diagnosis for BayBay kitty. She is a miracle mutant. Dr. Weinkle was unable to determine what caused the seizure and we just have to keep a close eye on her so that we can respond quickly (like we did on Monday night). I have an Rx for seizure meds that I am filling today just in case.

As for her temperment, BayBay seems very tired. She played with the wrapping paper and yarn a bit yesterday which was great. She also baked bread on her favorite blanket and scratched the Alpine scratcher and that made me very happy. She snuggles down close to both of us and this is endearing. She had 3 of her four arms/legs shaved to try to give her fluids and her mane shave so we think she's a bit cold. Either way, I woke up this morning to JiJi, Guard kitty, sleeping on the pillow above my head and BayBay kitty snuggled down between me and the Hubs. It was the best way to wake up, in my opinion.

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