Monday, January 19, 2009


So if you've seen my fb page or my ravelry profile, this is nothing new but when I uploaded this , I had no idea how many laughs it would give me. I believe WonderWoman was one of my heroes as a little girl so this was just too perfect for me!

In other awesome birfday news, I had a great day today. I got amazing birfday wishes on ravelry and facebook and it's just good to be loved!!

I will be enjoying an extra day off tomorrow due to the Winter Weather Advisory in the state. Now, girlfriend can drive in the snow. I had to drive in it up when I was at Penn State..but..the rest of the state...err..not so much! So..I studied the weather, consulted with Cooter, and decided for the sake of my safety, sanity, and the safety of my clients, I would not work tomorrow. The people I work with are amazing and understood completely. An added bonus is that I get to watch the Inauguration festivities tomorrow! Woot..Presidential Woot!! Takes me back to when it was my 16th birfday and I marched with my high school band in President Clintion's Inaugural Parade..and you could see Chelsea Clinton's hair from three blocks away from the viewing Grand Stand!!! Good times!!!

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puggerhugger said...

Dood, I love the cute lil owl bloggy thing! So cute! And yeah, cooter married wonderfru! Yay! Did you HEAR Aretha working that song?! It's a great day. XOX