Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Princess & her Castle (a long post @ books, monkehs, Ravspoiler alerts)

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Misadventures of Fru: A Princess & her castle.

Today, we focus on the concept of santosha, a Sanskrit word meaning, "contentment". And much santosha have I, ladies and gentlemen! The week started out with my celebration of my 32nd birfday, full of wonderful birfday wishes from ravelry friends and facebook contacts. I called my mother, and informed her that I believed I was one of the best decisions she and God ever which she sounded amused, and enthused.

Tuesday found the state under a winter weather advisory so this Princess and her kittydiva advisors were allowed to roam all throughout the castle yesterday, enjoying the flurries and the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. I snapped some pics of me watching so I could remember the wonderful..and what a gift, that I lived long enough to see a Black President..still gives me chills. I continued to work on my sock..working on the instep takes me a while because I think I have ADD and get side tracked with blogging, stalking spoilees on Ravelry, gaming, and reading. So much of my knitting is occurring during tv watching..which is fine by me. I spent some time yesterday pulling together some goodies for my Love Bites Swappee. If you're reading this, and you are my spoiler in the swap, continue reading:

Today is Wednesday and the Princess got in trouble a bit last night for being bossy and snappy with Cooter so the first thing I did was apologize and all is well now. But I digress...I got online and researched some good reads because on Friday, I am headed to the Friends of Richland County Public Library booksale with the oh-so-fabulous KayKay! I am bummed to see that the Lexington County system doesn't have any PC Cast books...soooo..if you're my spoiler in Love Bites and want to get me some good reads..I'm looking for the House of Dead series by PC & Kristin Cast. Buy it used, please. I managed to comb through the Love Bites Boards on Ravelry and concocted a wonderful list of Vamp Fiction that I've got queued in the library. Those ladies love me, I show up every week with a request for another book for them to get for me.

A brief sidebar about books and why I say buy them used:
Call me a nerd, or a simpleton but books..good books are meant to be shared. If you were to come to Casa de Fru & Cooter, you would find a bookcase..okay..maybe two of my favorite books that I feel passionate about that I've bought and treasure. But make no mistake, most of my books that I read come from the library so that they can be returned and shared. I also get or tell most of my friends to get their books from You get free shipping and you help fund literacy whenever you order from there. A client of mine told me about it and I'm hooked.

Back to Wednesdays other news:
I am happy to report that I will be the proud owner of two sock monkehs in the near future. I got online and found a budget kit..okay..two budget make my sock monkeh. Now I am waiting for her to tell me what her name is and share her adventures with me thus far so I can update my awesome group on Ravelry about her history and origins. This is me, telling BayBay kitty about the coming sock monkeygoodness and you can see from her expression, she's not impressed one bit:
I was using a prop to get her ready for upcoming monkeygoodness but she remains unimpressed. In fact, this is what she wants me to show my viewing public now:

That's all I got for now, Fru~out!!


Tashahart said...

you crack me up ! you're a Hoot !

puggerhugger said...

Poor jealous darling kitteh.
You ever do bookcrossing?