Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fru: 1 vs. Ms.MeaniePants: 0

So I have slept too long this morning but I had to share something that happened in yoga yesterday that I am still doing a victory dance around the house about!!

Yesterday's lunch time practice was a smaller class so we did "wall yoga" where you use the wall to help you with poses and such. This was great for me.

And then...something amazing happened. I have to write about it so I won't forget so I can refer back to it when MMP is attempting to come harsh my mellow. (teehee)

So we are in this pose:
Up against the wall with one foot extended, a great hip opener and I'll breathing, "Body Bright", trying to be gentle with myself. So we start in this position…and I’m all like, “Okay, girlfriend, breathe…”

And I’m doing okay and the yoga instructor then instructs us to put our other foot up. Yes, our other foot to go into a hand stand with your feet up on the wall. So to make sure I was hearing her right, I got down, sat on my mat quietly and looked at her to make sure I understood. And I was right as she proceeded to put both feet up on the wall….So without much forethought and not allowing myself to chicken out, I did it!

And honestly, I was so shocked that I hoisted my badonkadonk up onto the wall with both feet into a hand stand, I started to laugh…laugh with joy and laugh with grace…

Seriously, it was amazing!

And then I fell…but still laughing and celebrating my victory!

So score: one for Fru, Ms.MeaniePants, zero!

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Tashahart said...

woot go Fru ! I'm staring to lie down in front of the Tv and watch while doing crunches, my abs are killing me today ! feel the burn love the burn !