Monday, November 17, 2008


So I've not done the best job of posting daily for thankfulness so lemme do it justice here and now.

In no important order, a thankful thing for every day of the month this far:
  1. good coffee
  2. The American Academy of Psychotherapy (AAP)
  3. Hearing the story of Goldilocks told in Hebrew
  4. Stephie for carting my butt across town to take care of EB
  5. My Mama for loving me and being a blessing
  7. Yankee Candle's Giving Thanks scentstories
  8. informal knitting lessons with my Gramma
  9. GooberGrape making district honor band (yes, another trombone player in the family!)
  10. BayBay kitty sleeping on my head
  11. hugs from my sweetheart
  12. my family group in AAP
  13. water aerobics
  14. My papa for loving me no matter what
  15. my clients, they amaze me
  16. JiJi kitty singing with her toy
  17. Warhammer

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