Tuesday, November 11, 2008


enjoy some turkey crocheted goodness!!!!

Yesterday was a blur. It still amazes me that God looks out when I don't use my better judgment. was supposed to see seven clients but only ended up seeing six. Whenever I see seven, I develop a condition that I commonly refer to as "Oatmeal brain" or "Mush brain"..I become emotionally fatigued, my speech process becomes delayed, and I look like I'm out of it totally.

Today is going to be hellabusy. Plain and simple, hellabusy.

The deal with EvilBitch (aka my car) is this: My cousin sez to take it up to the dealer and find out what the deal is. Then Betterhalf will interpret and make the decision. I am totally okay with Betterhalf handling this b/c he is way more knowledgeable about cars than I am. I'm taking EB up to the dealer tomorrow midmorning. I'm going to be working from home, responding to letters, requests, and etc until it's time for me to jaunt down to Savannah. How I'm gonna feel being that close to Beaufort and not being able to go visit my Pap Pap is unknown. Frankly, I can't fathom it yet b/c I'm so focused on getting through the day today.

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