Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day of rest

I'm home puttering until Michal picks me up and we head down South to Savannah.

If EB hadn't acted up, I'd be there by now...well..I'd prolly be some where between Hilton Head and headed to Beaufort National Cemetery to check on my Pap Pap. I'm very grateful that Mama and Papa are letting me rock out the minivan while we figure out what to do with EB. The goal is to take her to the dealer when I return from Savannah some time next week and find out if I can get her fixed or if Mommy needs a new ride.

This morning, I've managed to get a lot of busy work associated with my practice taken care of and make some necessary phone calls. I also decided to join the Whiskers Club at Pets Incorporated and donate $25 from my business to them every month. They do so much for the pets in our community and need to be around to continue to help animals.

I'm a little bummed about a few things:
  • First and foremost, I learned that Tasha, JMK & BabyBelle won't be up for Thanksgiving. I was so looking forward to that :(
  • Of course, I continue to be concerned about EB and her prognosis. I know she's had a good run but I'm not ready to have a monthly car payment again.
  • I really wanted to have my own wheels in Savannah to go visit Pap Pap.
  • I sent my box of swap goodness to my spoilee on and she has yet to acknowledge that she received it. I did tracking on it and it went out on 10/29 and was delivered on 10/31. That shit pisses me off. I posted in the forums and of course I was nicer but it does hurt my feelings and we all know how tender hearted I am when I'm not talking about how much of a badazz I am!
But I'm super excited about these things:
  • Reconnecting with collegues in Savannah & the opportunity for more interpersonal growth on me as a psychotherapist
  • I have MiniJi & MiniBay packed to keep me company on my trip.
  • I am officially booked until the first week of December. My practice is packed! Thank you, God!
  • My concert with the Columbia Community Concert band is next Friday night and after that, I get the entire month of December off.
  • I'm in good shape for the holidays! I'm finding/making gifts that are thoughtful and not extravagant. I think everyone will enjoy what I'm working on for them.
  • I get to take a nap this afternoon! Woot!!!

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