Monday, October 27, 2008


So hard to believe that the end of the month is approaching! Before long, it will be time for turkey and my favorite time of year, Thanksgiving.

Posting has been kind of sparse lately b/c there simply isn't a lot going on for me to muse about. I'm working in my practice and seeing clients on Friday..which is not preferable but appears to be necessary during these economically difficult times.

I've taken a few days off from H20 aerobics to let my right rhomboid/lat heal b/c I some how managed to hurt it. Gearing up to see the endocrinologist tomorrow and hear that yes, while I've gained muscle, I've also gained a bit of pudge back. I'm asking for a referral to a nutritionist to help motivate me (again) so that I can survive the upcoming holidays.

I also have gone back on my Effexor after going without it for four weeks. It's apparent to me that the Effexor provides something chemically that my body is lacking. Initially, I was not okay with the decision to resume medication but after feeling like I was losing my 'effin mind for four weeks, I said, "I give". I went back on it and immediately felt better so in my case, there is better living ie mood temperment, outlook, through chemistry.

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