Sunday, September 14, 2008

Y'all meet my latest crush

Bystander: "What's that she's wearing? Oh, snap, did u see her totally dominate in Warhammer? No, it can't be..surely she's not wearing Batgirl Knitted gloves?!"

La'Fru: "Hell yeah, I'm wearing Batgirl Knitted gloves & they are totally boss, thankyouverymuch!"

Sigh, yes, I have found my next knitting project. Something tells me that when I put these babies on, I will feel like the most powerful girl gamer on the planet. It is going to be ...wait for it......LEGENDARY!!! I'll even make BoyFru take a picture of me rockin' azz with them on! Now, I just have to learn how to use circular needles and it's on like donkey kong!

I'm still on the search for some funky buttons. In fact, I found this pattern for the awesome gloves whilst searching the 'net for some kewl buttons. I've got three projects done that just need some great buttons to finish them off. I also found the kewlest cutest knitting blog evah: Noble Knit. Love their patterns, love the store, love the books, which should be here from amazon by next week.

I wonder if I make those gloves in red if I'll then be channeling wonderwoman? La'Fru, out!

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