Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yeah, I'm really doing this!

So I got confirmation yesterday from WaterArt that I can train the first week in September. So it's now official..September 5 & 6th, I'll be at the HUGE Gold's Gym in Columbia, getting certified to become a water aerobics instructor.

I also sent an email and got a reply from the interim aquatics director to figure out a time that we can get together so that I can begin teaching.

So I'm thinking that because this is happening a lot quicker than I had planned that it's a good thing b/c I would freak out worse if it were in the future. Now, I've sent my money in, I've made the commitment and I'd look like a fool if I backed out.

I still have moments of panic though...thoughts of "WTH have I gotten myself into?"

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Tashahart said...

Just look at Belle's Picture and Smile !