Monday, August 11, 2008

Holy Shit, I'm really doing this?!

So this morning, after workin' it in my H20 aerobics class, the Aquatics Instructor, Whitney, pulled me aside and said, "Hey..did you see this?!" And she proceeds to show me an Instructor Certification class that is happening in Columbia on September 5-6th!!

She then tells me that she is leaving in two weeks and that "they" (meaning the management at the Y) need someone to teach the classes Whitney was teaching as soon as possible.

So I've called the good people at WaterArt, the company putting on the certification, to find out if it's possible for me to move my certification training b/c 1) it will save me money in gas, and 2) it will save me from having to shell out money to stay in a hotel down in Mt. Pleasant if the training is in Columbia, SC?!

And I'm excited and skerrid..all at the same time..if you would have said that I would get certified in anything related to aerobics, I would have told you that you were nutz..quit smoking the crazy root..or if you're going to smoke it, at least share?!

EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!! La'Fru..will have gills before this is all said and done...out!

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Tashahart said...

AWW Congrats Sis ! Oh So Proud of you !