Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home again, jiggity jog!

I love Wednesdays.

Lemme tell you why I love Wednesdays: Because it means I only have to work one more day after today. I'm pretty proud of myself for not over doing it. I have this self sabotaging way of overbooking myself with clients after I've been out of town. I managed not to do that this week, so snaps for me!

I am most definitely missing the weather in Seattle right now..this heat stuff is no good.

The most drama we are dealing with here is the fact that Betterhalf has finally agreed with me that the kitties have....wait for it...FLEAS!!! Yes, the two perfect little babies have them and we have to treat them. So I had to call the super special vet who treated BayBay four years ago and then call our regular vet. Then Betterhalf had to research flea treatments and scare the shit out of himself, and me in the process, and then we talked to our regular vet. So this weekend, we will be rockin' out some flea-killin' goodness.

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