Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shit together: CHECK!!

Ahh..Wednesday....only two more days of work for me (including today).

So this week has been great so far. Last week was a blur, with me feeling like I was never on time, always running behind the curve, etc. Looking back though, I realize that last week, I managed to see a lot of new clients and had lots of paperwork to do. It's weeks like that that really make me want to hire an admin assistant but then it passes and I'm fine.

So this week has been swell in that I've made it to water aerobics twice. Woot!! They are changing the days of one of my classes and I'm not sure that will work for me but I may use it as an excuse to do something else at the get a trainer so I don't hurt myself.

Right now, the Kaminer guy is fixing the AC. I hope he gets it right because we are D-O-N-E with them.

Getting nervous about next week. I work on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday-Sunday, I'll be here. It's my annual "therapist summer camp" as in an intensive, but peaceful gathering of some of the best therapists in the US that come together to train, and do some work. It's best described as therapists sitting around and doing their own work on their own issues in the presence of greatness. Last year's training was truly amazing for me. I did some major work that was scary and safe all at the same time.

I'm just feeling on top of my game this week. On Monday, I cleaned the snot out of the house and it's always nicer to come home to a clean house. I've been sleeping well and that's all that is going on really.

La'Fru, out!

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Tashahart said...

Yay! for summer camp! haha...