Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Summer!

So it's officially summer!! I was thinking this as I chopped up watermelon and put it in containers to go in the fridge.

As I slowly but surely get smaller, I enjoy this time of year. Yesterday, I floated around the pool for about 2 hours with the help of SPF 50. And since apparently skin cancer now runs in the family (cough..cough..Lump!), I have to be super careful about that.

I have recovered from the self-induced torture of last week and am back on track. I will get to water aerobics at least three times next week. I will take care of myself.

But first, let me share this little rant about our heating/AC provider, Kaminer.

Last weekend, we noticed that it was getting pretty warm in the house despite the thermostat being set on 73. Monday evening, we did a service call which costs us around $250 and they came out and fixed it. Wednesday, the same thing happened. Thursday, they sent out some moron who tried to tell us that it was because we had the thermostat programmed wrong. I give props to Betterhalf here for not pummeling him. Came home Thursday evening and the house is still warm so Betterhalf has a "word of prayer" with the peeps at Kaminer, who assure us that someone will be out at the house on Friday between 5-6 PM to fix it. Well, doucebag shows up at 6:45 PM. Okay, I'm a nice person and fairly patient but I was done by this point. AzzClown proceeds to go out and come back in and tell us that there is a part on the unit that has gone bad and it can't be fixed until they order the part. So I said, "That's not's supposed to be around 100 on Saturday and Sunday" and he, with his unusually large (probably hydrocephalus head) mumbles and just laughs it off. So..tomorrow, we will be calling Kaminer, getting our money back for the "service" they provided on Monday evening, making them fix our unit and then finding another provider. The moral of the story is this: If your service guy shows up and shows signs of having a developmental delay, you don't kick his azz. As I've told my brother and others before, beating up a retard never goes over well.

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Tashahart said...

HOW AWFUL ! hopefully it's fixed... i know it's super hot here too !