Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to reality, back to work

So I survived my second summer workshop with the American Academy of Psychotherapists. I will say survived instead of thrived for reasons listed in my earlier post. However, I do believe the door has been opened for me to start working with a new therapist and that part has me really excited and scared.

Yesterday, I puttered and went to the library where they were kind enough to hold some books I requested an extra day b/c of my travels. I spent much of my morning researching hotels in the Savannah area b/c in mid-November, the Academy is having it's Fall conference and it looks awesome but I think I can do cheaper than staying in the Hyatt on River Street.

I visited with Mama and Papa and was so happy to see that Papa was feeling better. And Mama still loves me, even when I travel :). Yesterday also, the guy from 2nd Wind, our new heating and AC service providers came out and I am super impressed with them. He spent a lot of time at the house and said that our unit is in good shape but he believes that we don't have enough returns/vents for the unit to cool/heat the house properly. This makes sense to me for a few reasons: 1) The previous owner was a contractor who bricked up one entire side of the den. While it looks nice, he covered a vent and a window. 2) Again, said contractor also put floor molding down, covering 3/4 of the return that we have in the kitchen. So the proposal is to re-do the duct work under the house b/c Kaminer jacked it up and didn't properly install the unit five years ago. The unit is actually supposed to be further away from the house than it is. The proposal also includes adding another return and vent. I'm okay with this and believe that it is a wise investment. I ran it all by Betterhalf last night and he is mulling it over.

Okay, now I must get going. I have clients to see today and then running Aftercare at the hospital.

La'Fru, out!

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Tashahart said...

I love how you have changed your name to La'Fru ! awesome.