Thursday, December 13, 2007

Updating the update

I ventured down to Hilton Head and spent some time w/ Grams on Tuesday. She seemed to be doing pretty well and her coloring was good. She was supposed to have a hip replacement yesterday around noon.

Well, that didn't happen because Gram is on blood thinners and they needed to get the consistency of her blood right for the surgery. So they gave her meds, and she started acting delusional and her nurses (which rock, BTW), rushed her down to get a CT scan...which confirmed...wait for it...that she had in fact had a mini-stroke.

So Grams is pretty upset and discouraged because the doctor said that she was in no shape to have any kind of procedure done at this point. I imagine that I'll know more later today when Dad talks to the attending physician.

I think I'm okay with all of this stuff. I was upset at first, but as my little brother said..."it was bound to happen..we just didn't want to see it". And he's right. It probably wasn't a good idea for her to be living by herself but we tried to respect her independence. I'm okay with that.

So..I don't know anything. I don't know what the family's plans are for the holidays. Those things are all adjustable. I'm resting and attending a training today so I get a bit of a break from clients. I love my clients but sometimes I just need to catch my breath.

Okay..gotta scoot.

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