Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Word of the day is "mote"

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Check out this cool site that was recommended from one of the listservs I'm on. It's pretty neat for those of us who are nerds and enjoy the English language. A new word of the day, every day. Now I have to figure out how to impress betterhalf with today's word, mote. How's this for a try:

While enjoying my faux-Hostess chocolate cupcake, I left a mote of it on the counter. Hee..hee..I'm so clever!

So it's Wednesday and it's about 1:00 PM and I'm at home, in my PJs. Isn't that wonderful? This time three months ago, I would be freakin' the hell out about a slow week. I'd be sweating how I'd be able to pay my bills...but not this time, not for this girl.

I've been amazed that the universe and my Higher Power has heard and responded so quickly to my prayer of, "Please, God..I need a break". Ever since I returned from my trip last month down to Hilton Head, life has been so much better, so much slower, so much less dramatic. For reasons beyond my control, this week has been very slow for me. I am seeing this as a blessing. I truly meant what I blogged when I wrote earlier that if I could do it and get away with it, I would not work again until January 2008. I've not been able to do it but I've cut back on work significantly.

I enjoyed my little bout of celebrity for what it was on Monday. It's nice to be noticed for doing well...that's really all I can say. I try to do well but sometimes I really fuck it up. Luckily, most of my major fuck ups show up in me being an ass to betterhalf or screwing something up with my time management, or being a shitty friend. Because I'm mindful and aware, my therapy space seems to be as much as a sanctuary for me as it does for my clients.

Now about the business of being thankful:
  • Monday, thankful that I can serve and be noticed for it. Thankful that it brightened my Mom and Dad's day.
  • Tuesday, thankful that I managed to lose 2 lbs by shakin' it at Zumba.
  • Today (Wednesday), thankful for time in my home, with my girls, to read, rest, pray, meditate, research some ideas for Christmas gifts and breathe.
Okay, that's about it for me. I'll be back tomorrow for some more yammering about something interesting or mundane...

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