Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little MissSlackazz on the Web

Happy Sunday everyone! I did such a bang up job blogging on Wednesday that I took the rest of the week off! Har..har!

Thursday Thankfuls:
Long day but a good one. Thankful for a great rehearsal w/ CCCB. Thankful for laughter with Alpha L (I always love seeing her).

Friday Thankfuls:
Thankful for 1 client and the rest of the day to myself. Yes, to myself. I cleaned and began the holiday season with Christmas Carols and gift wrapping. The tree won't go up in my house if there is nothing to go under it, people! Knocked out some more Christmas shopping. I'm just about done! Woot!

Saturday Thankfuls:
Made it to water aerobics which was great. Betterhalf figured out a glitch in my Quicken, which was helpful b/c I thought I had more $$ than I actually did and that would have been badnewsbears if I didn't recognize it sooner.

Today's Thankfuls:
P is for Pink and that's good enough for me. Say hello to my little friend: Mommy's got a new phone.

Many of you know that Betterhalf rocked the house two Valentines ago and procured a Pink Razr for me, when they were uber hard to get. What most people don't know is that after 2 years, the little Pink Minx (my Razr) has turned into a fickle, bitter lover who decides to shut down, lock up, and freak out on me like a neurotic diva! So I found this online and while Betterhalf informed me that it's not rated too high on CNet, I looked at the review and decided:
P is for Pink and that's good enough for me. (Channeling Cookie Monster always wins Betterhalf over).

Must go....more WoW to play. Loving Outland and fact that Watupbiznach, my mage, is now up to Lvl 61.

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