Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Scary experience

Yesterday, I spent most of the day with my dear friend L at Richland County Magistrate Court. Two years ago, her then-boyfriend decided that it would be great to beat the snot out of her. He refused to plead to simple assault or the various other offers that the Richland County Solicitor presented him. He wanted to go to trial to fight the CDV charge brought against him.

My observations about yesterday:
  • Court isn't nearly as organized or formal as you see on TV.
  • Plenty of people get off on DUI and CDV charges when the victim, or police officer fails to show in court.
  • A CDV trial only has a jury of 6 people (at least yesterday's did).
  • My friend L was a trooper as she had to explain the physical evidence and humiliating pictures that were submitted as evidence.
  • A therapist's case notes caused a delay in the proceedings for over two hours. Technically, therapist's notes are protected under HIPPA and cannot be released unless the client releases them. L's therapist scared the hell out of the defense yesterday and the judge would not allow testimony from her beyond fact.
  • A jury of 6 people, 3 men, 3 women, mostly blue-collar, who have been in a holding room all day will find someone who beat the snot out of someone NOT GUILTY because they are tired and ready to go home.
  • How those 6 people can be okay with the decision of Not guilty I'll never know.

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somehow things don't seem far do they???