Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Krushum got feared into the whelps"

Every morning, I stumble to my pc w/ my cup of coffee and go here.

Since this site is set in Central time, most of the time the shirts are sold out by the time I get there. But every now and then, I get lucky. There's a design that's not as popular and I can buy it for better half. So imagine my delight when I went there this AM, and this shirt design was still available. Betterhalf will be the proud owner of this t-shirt in just a matter of days!!! wowahahahahahah! In other news....it's August. Can't believe it's August. Thought my year would have gotten better by now but alas...so I'm trying to create as much joy as I possibly can in my house. Sometimes it's by playing WoW and goofing off, sometimes it's buying silly shirts from woot.com, sometimes it's by watching shows on TV. BTW..I am hooked on TNT's new show Saving Grace. All I can say is Holly Hunter is my hero and damns, I hope I look like that when I'm 49.

Okay..that's it for now. Have a long day ahead of me. Oh..and extra bonus points to anyone who can guess where/what my new profile pic means. Are you up for the challenge? I'll give you a hint: You can find the hint somewhere in this blog. Fru-out!

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